How to watch UFC on Roku without any error

Finally, the most expected match is going to be conducted in the Las Vegas, Nevada. The UFC 299 is going to happen on October 6th and the news itself has created a bustle. It is happening on a Saturday night in the place called T-Mobile Arena. Roku is offering the UFC fans an excellent opportunity to watch the match live.

Watch UFC 229 Khabib vs Mcgregor on Roku

Who can resist the match between the two powerful men?  Russian Eagle the undisputed lightweight champion of the world Khabib Nurmagomedov is going to fight the notorious and strong former champ Connor Mcgregor. The wait is over now because you can watch the match on Roku who will telecast the match on their screens. This is a treat for the UFC fans.

You have to use a VPN to see the match uninterruptedly on Roku. There are geo limitations to the Roku which will restrict the user to access the videos. There are a lot of channels on Roku; therefore, you have to use the suitable channel to see the UFC match without any disruptions.

How to watch UFC on Roku?

There are different ways in which you can watch the match on Roku. You can conveniently watch the live streaming of the UFC match on the UFC TV app on the Roku channels. But you have to be the subscriber to watch it. You can also subscribe to other channels likewise.

  • US TV
  • Fox Sports
  • Show Time PPV

You have to know that some channels in the UFC TV are limited to geo locations which are unfortunately blacked out because of it. At these difficult moments, the Roku will come to your rescue. The VPN will allow you to go beyond the Geo restriction and the blackout by modifying your virtual location. With the help of Roku and the VPN, you can watch the UFC match from anywhere and anytime.

Also check how to watch UFC on Firestick:

You Can Watch UFC on Roku By Fight Pass

With the assistance of the VPN, you can see the match through Fight pass and cheap pay-per-view. Each of the countries has different price ranges to see the UFC. With the help of the VPN, you will be able to get the cheapest of the sets for the subscription.

You can purchase the pay-per-view for a discount. In Singapore, the UFC match PPV is less than the US. So the prices differ according to the price set by the country. The VPN will help you to save the amount you spend because the original price is expensive.

How can you pass the UFC blackouts in the Roku?

The blackouts are the constant source of trouble for the UFC fans. If the fight is telecasted on TV it will most often fall a victim to blackout. If it is shown in one place it is bound to blackout in another place. In order to stop these blackouts, you can use the VPN. It will mask your location so you can get access to the UFC PPV.

So use this advantageous watch UFC on Roku. It will really help you to deal with intrusions.


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