The Different Types of People Who Upload Torrents Files Online

What is Torrent?

Torrent is one of the most famous terms which is quite familiar to the internet users. But the torrents are used in a wrong way to download the games, movies and lots more. It is identified by the extension “.torrent“.

The people those who know about piracy will know about the Torrent. Because torrents are used for pirating the paid version of software, games, movies and so on. In previous days, the people using torrents for cracking the original software with the product key.
Nowadays, Most of the peoples are using the Torrents for sharing the files with others. Not only Cracking the Software’s but also used to download the games, movies, and other entertainment apps.

Why we use Torrent?

Torrent is one of the easy ways to download the paid versions of software, games, and movies for free. In this, we never get paid to the software which is available on the Torrent sites. Torrents are also very useful to download the large files very easily. Documents, Movies, EBooks, Software’s are some of the applications which are available in Torrents to download it in an illegal way.

Problems which are coming while using Torrent

The biggest problem coming out while using Torrent is the other users can see your IP Address. By using your IP, they can access all your important files which are available on your PC in an illegal way. The bad thing is you cannot know how your files are taken by the others without your permission.

The people who upload Torrents

people who upload torrent files

Mostly, Torrents are mainly used for sharing our files to our friends, relatives or some other persons. The peoples are using some of the famous torrent sites like Torrent sites like uTorrent, The Pirate Bay, Lime Torrents, Torrents. Me and lots more.

The person those who know about Torrents very well, then he often using the torrents for sharing the files to the others which are all in an illegal way. Because all the files are gets pirated by using the top torrent sites.

Even though the School Students will upload the files like EBooks, Movies, Software by using torrents to share it with his friends in an illegal way.
Before Torrents coming out, People will get paid for the original software, Movies, Games, and lots more.

The Internet Hackers are mostly using this torrents to crack the original software and then upload it to the Torrent sites. The people those who visiting the torrent sites will download the uploaded content like Movies, Softwares and whatever they like to download without paying for it.

The person those who get disappointed with his working company can crack the important software which has been using officially in their company and uploading it to torrent sites for free.

The people those who want to hack the files from the others computer must use this torrent sites to upload the software. While the person downloading the software then the source person can access the important files which are present in the second person in an illegal way.

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