Singapore should Block Streaming Piracy Software says the piracy haters

Disney, Fox, Sony, HBO, NBC Universal, BBC Worldwide and the Premier League among its members are some of the big groups which has been recently formed an alliance against the Piracy. These groups are demanding the right action against the illegal streaming of videos. The powerful group has called on the government in Singapore is to not only block the pirate streaming software but also ban the unlicensed streams will entering the country.

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In previous year, the Disney, HBO, Netflix, Amazon and NBC Universal are some of the major industry players and they have been decided to form one group called Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE) and have a huge alliance set to tackle the piracy issues on a global scale.

Soon after the Coalition Against Piracy (CAP) was announced with the focus on Asia and backed by CASBAA, CAP counts Disney, Fox, HBO Asia, NBC Universal, Premier League, Turner Asia-Pacific, A&E Networks, BBC Worldwide, National Basketball Association, Viacom International, and others among its members.

In several recent reports, the group Coalition Against Piracy (CAP) has homed in on the piracy situation in Singapore. Describing the phenomenon as random and the group says that around 40% of local people are involved in the practice and many of them through unlicensed streaming. Now the CAP group is in line with its anti-streaming stance and also wants the government to do much more steps against piracy.

Since a large portion of illegal streaming has been take place only through the set-top devices itself. Straits Times reports that the Coalition Against Piracy (CAP) group 21 members were wanted the authorities to block the illegal software inside them that enables the pirated contents.

The Coalition Against Piracy (CAP) General Manager Neil Gane said that, in the Asia-Pacific region, Singapore is the worst in terms of availability of illegal streaming devices that are all used in a pirated way.

They have to access the hundreds of illegal broadcasts of channels and also the on-demand video contents.

There is no accurate details present in the CAP’s demands. But it is also clear that the government does not have any clear way to block the illegal software effectively.

Block the access to the software package itself would prove all but impossible, so that would leave blocking the infrastructure the software uses. While that would be relatively straightforward technically, the job would become very large and also fast-moving, particularly when the dozens of applications and add-ons are need to be targeted.

Though, the CAP is also calling the authorities to block the pirate streams from entering Singapore. The country already has legislation in place that can be used for blocking the unwanted sites, so this is not out of the question. It’s notable that the English Premier League is part of the CAP alliance and following the legal action can be taken in the UK in previous year. Now has plenty of experience in blocking the illegal streams and particularly in the live broadcasts.

A spokesperson told ST that the Premier League is currently gets involved in its most comprehensive global anti-piracy programmes. This will be supporting our broadcast partners in South-east Asia and their efforts will helps to prevent the sale of illegal streaming devices.

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