Sad News! MegaUpload Shuts Down and the Founder got Arrested

Mega Upload Ltd is one of the famous online based company which has been founded by Kim Dotcom. It was established in the year 2005 at Hong Kong.

Mega Upload is the best site for storing the files and viewing it. It is also one of the largest file-sharing sites on the internet. By using Mega upload we can share our large files from one place to another place very fastly and easily.

The federal prosecutors in Virginia take action for seizing the Mega Upload Ltd Company due to the money laundering and two substantive counts of criminal copyright infringement and some other illegal activities made by Mega upload.

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With the effects of taking action against the Mega upload, Data centres in the Netherlands, Canada, and Washington housing MegaUpload’s equipment were raided.

The Mega Upload Founder Kim Dotcom who was arrested today in New Zealand and added another six alleged members of the Mega “conspiracy” were charged due to the offense. The details and destination of the members those who are arrested in addition to the founder are mentioned below.

Members who were arrested

  1. Finn Batato(age-38), He is a Mega’s chief marketing officer and a citizen and resident of Germany
  2. Julius Bencko(age-35), He is designated as Mega’s graphic designer from Slovakia
  3. Sven Echternach(age-39), He is an in-charge for Mega’s German head of business development;
  4. Mathias Ortmann(age-40), the German CTO, co-founder, and director of Mega
  5. Andrus Nomm(age-32), He is a programmer and head of the development from Estonia
  6. Bram van der Kolk(age-29), actually a Dutch citizen who is the centralized power to control the programming and network issues.

There are totally 18 Mega-related domains were seized by the authorities including,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and

The Founder Kim Dotcom facing so many problems while the company gets seized during the illegal activities made by the company repeatedly.

The legal action was taken against Megaupload Ltd is one of the forerunners for all the companies related to doing these types of services.

The Money laundering one of the biggest factor for seizing the Megaupload Company. It creates the bad name for that company and finally gets shut down by the federal prosecutors in Virginia.

Due to the charge of conspiracy to commit racketeering, The Court give five years in prison on the charge of conspiracy to commit copyright infringement. 20 years in prison due to the money laundering. 5 years in prison for the criminal copyright infringement.

MegaUpload site does not contain any search function to find the contents which are present in this site directly. So they found that it is one of the infringements against the site because of illegal issues are done by the site users.

After seizing the MegaUpload site, then all other sites which are related to Mega also seized and not functioning at all. If we open any site, it never opens and shows as Website address not found or domain is not available. The Founder Kim Dotcom facing a lot of problems legally when seizing their companies by Federal Prosecutors in Virginia.

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