How to fix olpair kodi error (Working method 2018)

Generally, Kodi users need an addon for watching movies, TV shows, Sports on their device easily. Various add-ons available on Kodi will provide you a huge list of servers for streaming one of among which is called “Openload”. When you are working on Kodi you may get the openload popup box that is requesting for openload pair kodi and you are continuously getting an error message of Openload Stream Authorization that has been provided by When you are facing such a problem; don’t worry about it; it is also one of the most common errors available on Kodi which you can easily fix it by yourself in just few minutes.

Why we get an openload stream authorization error?

The Kodi is a server which causes an interruption when you are not pairing your IP while streaming the contents such as movies, sports and TV shows that has been hosted on Openload server. Openload is a server that enables you to stream all the entertainment things such as movies, TV shows and Sports channels which has been uploaded on the internet. So, you have to pair up the openload with your IP address. Once you have successfully paired up the devices you can easily streaming your favorite for next four hours continuously. After the 4hours time gets completed, again you have to pair your IP to continue streaming.

Is it safe to use

The is one of the popular addons for Kodi which enables you to stream a huge number of Movies, TV shows, PPV videos and lots more. Streaming via openload is completely an illegal concept due to the copyright infringement problems which can surely causes so many problems in future.

Sometimes, Openload may get crashed due to the increased demand for watching Movies, TV Shows, and some other entertainment things. If you want to enjoy the non-stop streaming of movies, TV shows, sports, videos and some other things easily on your Kodi it is very necessary to fix the or error. These are the most common error that may cause some serious problems in future.

Method 1:- How To Fix Openload.Co Pair Stream Authorization Error

When you are streaming movies through various add-ons like exodus you may sometimes receive a pop-up message that says will take some time to load all the servers. If you have selected the openload server from the list of provided ones you will be able to view the error saying Stream Authorization needed. You can easily fix this error by just following the steps given below:

Step 1: Launch your web browser and add the URL address as in the search bar.

Step 2: Your IP address will appear on the home screen. Just click Activate Streaming option.

Step 3: You will find a captcha on your screen; solve it and then click on the Pair option.

Step 4: Once you have successfully paired up your device with IP address, you will get notified of a notification message.

Step 5: You can now easily stream for four hours after which you need to pair it again.

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