How to clear Cache on Kodi for better streaming

If the Kodi is showing you the error, crashing, buffering, or any problems, this article provides you with tackling this problem. Its important for clearing the cache data for the smooth working of the addons. There are two methods to kodi clear cache. Kodi itself has its own maintenance running in the background. We can also perform some features for clearing the cache manually by clearing unwanted files and more.

Method 1: Using Indigo Kodi addon

Indigo Kodi Addon is one of the solutions for solving the problem which has many tools to maintain your Kodi addons. It can also be used to install other add-ons directly from  Github.

Steps to install the Indigo Kodi Addon are as follows

  1. Click on the Setting icon on Kodi homepage.
  2. Go to System Settings.
  3. Hover over Add-ons.
  4. On the right side click on the unknown sources for enabling it.
  5. Go back to settings and click on the file manager.
  6. Double click on the Add source.
  7. Click none.
  8. Type and click ok.
  9. Enter a name for the media source and click ok.
  10. Click ok.
  11. Go back to the homepage and click add-ons.
  12. click Installer package icon at the top left corner.
  13.  Now click on the Install from zip file.
  14. Click on the media name as given.
  15. Select the kodi-repos.
  16. Click on english.
  17. Click on the Install from repository.
  18.  Click TVADDONS.CO Addon Repository.
  19. Click Program Add-ons.
  20.  Select Indigo.

now the indigo Kodi addon is been installed in few seconds. Let us see how it works. Click on the Indigo Kodi Addon, it has many contains. In that open the Maintenance Tools. Here you find many options such as

  • Clear Cache- as the name suggests it used to clear the caches of the Kodi addons. Click on it to clear all cache, it will ask for confirmation of clearing cache.
  • Delete Thumbnails- This helps as with the clearing of a lot of data, allowing you with a lot of space. It is preferred when you having a very low storage facility.
  • Delete Crash Logs- The old crash can be cleared using this option, it will free some space. These crashes are formed you have saved crash logs everytime you encountered the performance.
  • Delete Textures13.db- This is used to delete unwanted, not clear artworks which are saved by you earlier.
  • Run Auto Maintenance- This automatic cleaning option which allows you to clean the Kodi in a few seconds.

Method 2: Other than the Indigo Kodi Addon are Covenant Addon, Exode Addon.

Follow the steps for installation of Exodus addon and Covenant addon there only a slit changes give the URL as

After installing Exode Addon,

  • Click on the Exodus Addon.
  • Click on the Tools in the main menu.
  • The best three options to clear are clear cache, clear providers, and to clear search history.

Covenant and Exodus both have the same code. After installing the Covenant Addon,

  • Click on the Covenant Addon.
  • Click on the Tools in the main menu.
  • The best three options to clear are clear cache, clear providers, and to clear search history.


Thus the cache can be cleared and better streaming of the videos, movies, etc is possible. If there are any doubts on this installation any of this addons please leave us your feedback, we assure our response.

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