How To Install Wireless Weather Station

Receiving and unpacking weather stations is an exciting part of owning such a measuring instrument. However, you have to know a few essential things while setting up your wireless weather station. 

How does a wireless weather station work?

A weather station consists of a screen, the station itself, equipped with a sensor, and an external sensor, connected by signals in the case of wireless stations. Wireless versions are much easier to install than wired weather stations, for which the placement of the outdoor sensor can be a feat!

The weather station brings outdoor and indoor readings together on a single screen, all the information provided by the sensors to which it is connected. The basic weather stations give the basic metrics, like indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity. Upgraded wireless versions provide a more significant number of data. Mostly set your weather stations in the garden or backward to get accurate results.

How to successfully install a wireless weather station?

The installation of a wireless weather station presents, a priori, no difficulty. However, to obtain the most accurate information possible, it is necessary to respect certain principles. It is rare to be able to make a perfect installation because of the constraints imposed by its immediate environment, but as much to do the best possible according to the circumstances!

The most common stations, which can be installed both in an apartment and when living in a house, are stations that measure temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure. However, it can be complex to achieve success. Installation on a balcony. Stations equipped with a rain gauge and an anemometer can only be fitted in the garden area. 

Follow the instructions to install your weather stations. 

Positioning the sensors

Finding the proper position for your weather station is probably the most crucial part of any weather station installation. This is the most significant part to ensure the accuracy with which you will be able to measure all the different atmospheric conditions.

The two most important factors to consider for optimal installation are the height of the sensors and their distance from other objects.

The distance

Distance is the first crucial factor to consider when setting up your weather station. Two different distances are of particular importance during the installation process.

The first is the distance between the outdoor sensor and surrounding objects. The second is the actual distance between the outdoor sensor unit and the base station.


Trees and walls can cover or cast a “rain shadow” on the unit, giving you a completely wrong reading from the rain gauge. 

From this example, you know what rain shadow is. If the wind blows in the house’s direction while it is raining, and the rain gauge is placed too close to the wall on the opposite side of the house. The wall creates a “rain shadow,” ie, the wind blows the rain over the rain gauge, which receives only a portion of the actual rain.

The same goes for wind speed and direction. Large objects influence wind speed and cause the wind to swirl, making it very difficult to get an accurate reading of wind direction.

The anemometer and wind vane should not be placed near tall or large structures. At this point, you may be frustrated and wondering where you can put your deep L sensors, so they don’t get influenced by something. You know that there is a thumb rule to follow.

You might not be so happy to know that the rule of thumb follows a 4 X 1 rule. This means that deep L sensors should be placed at a distance four times the height of the nearest structure. If the structure is 3 m high, the deep L sensors should be placed 12 m from it.

Distance between the base and outdoor unit

Wireless connections are becoming the norm for most mid to high-end home weather stations. The ability to place the sensors anywhere outside the home and communicate seamlessly with the base station without additional cables or installations makes them very attractive to most home users.


The second crucial factor when choosing a site to determine the accuracy of your sensor readings is the actual physical height of your unit above the ground.

The first reason is to get an accurate humidity reading. The accuracy of the hygrometer can be seriously influenced, especially when placed in a garden or an area containing plants, grass, or even bodies of water. 


Installing a wireless weather station is very simple, but it does require some application. Indeed, the sensor sens and send accurate data from the outside when placed in an ideal position. This is why it is wise to choose the weather station model which will be adapted to the configuration of your home.

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How To Get Fairy Type Pokemon In Pokemon Quest

Do you wish to catch Fairy type pokemon in Pokemon quest? In this Pokemon quest, we’ll guide you to catch the fairy type pokemon and will train you on how to attract different types of Pokemons with fairy pokemon characteristics.

Ways To Get Fairy Type in Pokemon Quest

fairy type pokemon quest

Catching fairy type in Pokemon quest works differently. There are two methods to do so. Initially, you should attract the fairy type to your base using different Pokemon quest recipes. The second thing is, the pokemon will be attracted to your base camp. Here we’ve provided one recipe to catch one of the fairy type pokemon in the pokemon quest. Here we go with the recipe.

Get Jigglypuff fairy type Pokemon in Pokemon quest

Jigglypuff is one of the best fairy type pokemon. You can catch them in pokemon quests by preparing Gray Porridge A La Cube. To make this recipe, follow the steps and process given below.

How to cook Gray Porridge A La Cube

The core ingredients to craft this Pokemon quest recipe are gray. This means that you should have big balm mushrooms and small Fossils. Mix them up in various combinations and in different cooking pots. 

Ingredients to cook Gray Porridge A La Cube

5 Fossils

  • 4 Fossils and 1 Tiny mushroom or 1 Apricorn, or 1 Berry.
  • This attracts Clefairy, Nidoron, Cubon, Rhyhorn, and much more.

4 Fossils and 1 Balm Mushroom

  • 3 Fossils and 1 Balm Mushroom, and 1 Bluk berry or 1 Apricorn, or 1 Tiny Mushroom.
  • With these ingredients, you can attract pokemon like Jigglypuff, Clefairy, Exeggcute, Shelider, and Onix.

5 Balm Mushrooms

  • Attracts pokemon live Venonat and Cubone.

 2 Fossils and 3 Balm Mushrooms

  • 1 Fossil, 3 Balm Mushrooms, and 1 Apricorn, or 1 Tiny Mushroom, or 1 Bluk Berry.
  • Attracts Pokemon like Clefairy and Venonat.

Apart from these, there are four different cooking pots, each pot will provide your dishes with different qualities to attract Pokemons.

  • Iron Pot – requires 3 of each ingredient.
  • Silver pot – requires 15 of each ingredient.
  • Bronze pot – requires 10 of each ingredient.
  • Gold Pot – requires 20 of each ingredient.

Bottom Lines

Craft Gray Porridge and you can easily attract the Jigglypuff fairy type pokemon in the pokemon quest. All you need to do is, you should make an amazing recipe. Happy cooking!

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How to watch UFC on Roku without any error

Finally, the most expected match is going to be conducted in the Las Vegas, Nevada. The UFC 299 is going to happen on October 6th and the news itself has created a bustle. It is happening on a Saturday night in the place called T-Mobile Arena. Roku is offering the UFC fans an excellent opportunity to watch the match live.

Watch UFC 229 Khabib vs Mcgregor on Roku

Who can resist the match between the two powerful men?  Russian Eagle the undisputed lightweight champion of the world Khabib Nurmagomedov is going to fight the notorious and strong former champ Connor Mcgregor. The wait is over now because you can watch the match on Roku who will telecast the match on their screens. This is a treat for the UFC fans.

You have to use a VPN to see the match uninterruptedly on Roku. There are geo limitations to the Roku which will restrict the user to access the videos. There are a lot of channels on Roku; therefore, you have to use the suitable channel to see the UFC match without any disruptions.

How to watch UFC on Roku?

There are different ways in which you can watch the match on Roku. You can conveniently watch the live streaming of the UFC match on the UFC TV app on the Roku channels. But you have to be the subscriber to watch it. You can also subscribe to other channels likewise.

  • US TV
  • Fox Sports
  • Show Time PPV

You have to know that some channels in the UFC TV are limited to geo locations which are unfortunately blacked out because of it. At these difficult moments, the Roku will come to your rescue. The VPN will allow you to go beyond the Geo restriction and the blackout by modifying your virtual location. With the help of Roku and the VPN, you can watch the UFC match from anywhere and anytime.

Also check how to watch UFC on Firestick:

You Can Watch UFC on Roku By Fight Pass

With the assistance of the VPN, you can see the match through Fight pass and cheap pay-per-view. Each of the countries has different price ranges to see the UFC. With the help of the VPN, you will be able to get the cheapest of the sets for the subscription.

You can purchase the pay-per-view for a discount. In Singapore, the UFC match PPV is less than the US. So the prices differ according to the price set by the country. The VPN will help you to save the amount you spend because the original price is expensive.

How can you pass the UFC blackouts in the Roku?

The blackouts are the constant source of trouble for the UFC fans. If the fight is telecasted on TV it will most often fall a victim to blackout. If it is shown in one place it is bound to blackout in another place. In order to stop these blackouts, you can use the VPN. It will mask your location so you can get access to the UFC PPV.

So use this advantageous watch UFC on Roku. It will really help you to deal with intrusions.


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How to clear Cache on Kodi for better streaming

If the Kodi is showing you the error, crashing, buffering, or any problems, this article provides you with tackling this problem. Its important for clearing the cache data for the smooth working of the addons. There are two methods to kodi clear cache. Kodi itself has its own maintenance running in the background. We can also perform some features for clearing the cache manually by clearing unwanted files and more.

Method 1: Using Indigo Kodi addon

Indigo Kodi Addon is one of the solutions for solving the problem which has many tools to maintain your Kodi addons. It can also be used to install other add-ons directly from  Github.

Steps to install the Indigo Kodi Addon are as follows

  1. Click on the Setting icon on Kodi homepage.
  2. Go to System Settings.
  3. Hover over Add-ons.
  4. On the right side click on the unknown sources for enabling it.
  5. Go back to settings and click on the file manager.
  6. Double click on the Add source.
  7. Click none.
  8. Type and click ok.
  9. Enter a name for the media source and click ok.
  10. Click ok.
  11. Go back to the homepage and click add-ons.
  12. click Installer package icon at the top left corner.
  13.  Now click on the Install from zip file.
  14. Click on the media name as given.
  15. Select the kodi-repos.
  16. Click on english.
  17. Click on the Install from repository.
  18.  Click TVADDONS.CO Addon Repository.
  19. Click Program Add-ons.
  20.  Select Indigo.

now the indigo Kodi addon is been installed in few seconds. Let us see how it works. Click on the Indigo Kodi Addon, it has many contains. In that open the Maintenance Tools. Here you find many options such as

  • Clear Cache- as the name suggests it used to clear the caches of the Kodi addons. Click on it to clear all cache, it will ask for confirmation of clearing cache.
  • Delete Thumbnails- This helps as with the clearing of a lot of data, allowing you with a lot of space. It is preferred when you having a very low storage facility.
  • Delete Crash Logs- The old crash can be cleared using this option, it will free some space. These crashes are formed you have saved crash logs everytime you encountered the performance.
  • Delete Textures13.db- This is used to delete unwanted, not clear artworks which are saved by you earlier.
  • Run Auto Maintenance- This automatic cleaning option which allows you to clean the Kodi in a few seconds.

Method 2: Other than the Indigo Kodi Addon are Covenant Addon, Exode Addon.

Follow the steps for installation of Exodus addon and Covenant addon there only a slit changes give the URL as

After installing Exode Addon,

  • Click on the Exodus Addon.
  • Click on the Tools in the main menu.
  • The best three options to clear are clear cache, clear providers, and to clear search history.

Covenant and Exodus both have the same code. After installing the Covenant Addon,

  • Click on the Covenant Addon.
  • Click on the Tools in the main menu.
  • The best three options to clear are clear cache, clear providers, and to clear search history.


Thus the cache can be cleared and better streaming of the videos, movies, etc is possible. If there are any doubts on this installation any of this addons please leave us your feedback, we assure our response.

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How to fix olpair kodi error (Working method 2018)

Generally, Kodi users need an addon for watching movies, TV shows, Sports on their device easily. Various add-ons available on Kodi will provide you a huge list of servers for streaming one of among which is called “Openload”. When you are working on Kodi you may get the openload popup box that is requesting for openload pair kodi and you are continuously getting an error message of Openload Stream Authorization that has been provided by When you are facing such a problem; don’t worry about it; it is also one of the most common errors available on Kodi which you can easily fix it by yourself in just few minutes. Continue reading

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How to fix web request failed

Sometimes when we open Kodi to watch some live events and you’ll get an error notification like “Web Request Failed.” And you don’t know what to do to solve this problem. But don’t worry we are here to solve your problem with some procedure. So, follow the below steps carefully to know how to fix web request failed error. Let’s get into the topic. Continue reading

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Kodi stream authorization

Today, we are going to find out the solution to fix pair authorization errors on Kodi. Nowadays, no one wants to download a movie and watch it later because it consumes lots of space and also it takes time to download the movie. Continue reading

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Singapore should Block Streaming Piracy Software says the piracy haters

Disney, Fox, Sony, HBO, NBC Universal, BBC Worldwide and the Premier League among its members are some of the big groups which has been recently formed an alliance against the Piracy. These groups are demanding the right action against the illegal streaming of videos. The powerful group has called on the government in Singapore is to not only block the pirate streaming software but also ban the unlicensed streams will entering the country. Continue reading

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How to fix failed to install a dependency Kodi error

Today, we are going to discuss how to fix failed to install dependency error on Kodi. The most common issue which is faced by Kodi users while installing a particular addon is “Failed to install a dependency error.” There are two possible reasons for this issue: one is because of particular addon dependencies missing from Kodi, and the other reason is that of cache data. So, first clear cache on Kodi to quickly fix the problem. If you get the same problem again then follow the below methods to fix your issue. Continue reading

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TVAddons and ZemTV requested the Court to Dismiss U.S. Piracy Lawsuit

The people who are the owners of TVAddons and the ZemTV Kodi addon have asked a Texas District Court to dismiss the piracy case which has been filed by the Dish Networks against them. Both of the defendants are foreign nationals who say that they have no connection with Texas. Continue reading

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